• We are a personalized pharmacy with high experience in service since 2008, we guarantee that you will obtain the appropriate medications. We know each of our clients and needs.
  • We have highly qualified staff that will assist you as you deserve.
  • We watch over your medications so you always have them.
  • The most important thing for us is your health and we take care of it.
  • We accept most health insurance from Florida state.
  • We save you time, since we offer free delivery in your home or office.
  • We have systematic technology ePrescription that allows us to receive your prescription after your consultation.

Be recognized as a modern pharmacy that seeks to have a personalized contact with its customers and be a pioneer in bringing your product to the comfort of your home or office.

Provide a comprehensive service to our customers, suppliers, employees and community based on principles of accessibility, ethics, professionalism and transparency, competitive prices and variety of products.

  • Ethics.
  • Commitment to the client and our community.
  • Professionalism.
  • Customer orientation.

  • Comfort.

We have a highly qualified staff, made up of a team of pharmacists, technicians, managers and drivers who are committed to finding the best solution for their medicine, our clients are the most important for our center, where we will always assist them with the best service.

Save time

Imagine leaving your medical appointment, and receiving your medications at the door of your home or workplace, avoid having to drive to the pharmacy and wait a long time for your medications. Thanks to our alliance of affiliated doctors, after your consultation, we receive your prescription directly from them and we make sure you receive your medications in the comfort of your home or office.

Allied distributors

We work with the best distributors and unparalleled prices to offer our clients opportunities to guarantee their medications, prices and deliveries.

Free delivery

We want our customers to get the best and most convenient pharmacy service, so we offer free delivery of prescription drugs by your doctor to your home or office.

Save money

Visit us and check yourself. We offer you the best prices that no other pharmaceutical center can offer. We will help you with discounts on your prescription drugs and other products.

Community Help

We benefit residents of Cuba, Venezuela and all of Latin America, since we accept original orders to deliver the medicines they need.



11735 SW 147 Ave. #5 • Miami FL, 33196